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JIWA 7 is a highly scalable complete business solution with a breadth of functionality. It can handle your business as it grows and cater for all aspects of your operations.


The impeccable search functionality embedded into JIWA 7 delivers superior results. Get instant access to stock, pricing and sales information all with the click of a button.


The JIWA solution is flexible enough to support your business through future growth path or direction. JIWA 7 can facilitate your business operations on many levels due to its flexible structure.

With Jiwa you can...

JIWA 7 standard inclusions...

General Ledger

Designed to provide organisations with a summary of their financial activities. It maintains complete detailed records for one or more companies, as well as controlling entries from all subsidiary ledgers. The ledger provides accurate and comprehensive information to help management evaluate past and present performance and to plan for the future. All reporting is available at multiple levels of detail to fulfill accounting and management requirements. The General Ledger provides tools to manage the continuing entry and reporting of all your financial transactions. Featuring detailed audit trails, extensive budgeting capability including flexible accounting periods, comprehensive search criteria and allocation entries. It is designed so that almost any chart of accounts structure can be easily implemented into the software. Post sub modules automatically to the general ledger in real time; full audit trail

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s General Ledger Module:

  • Search and filter faster and more conveniently
  • One-click BAS with detailed worksheets to support each BAS field
  • Manage more than one company
  • Allocate overheads faster and more accurately with automatic dispersing of split posting journals to nominated ledgers
  • Keep 3 financial years open at any one time and configure access restrictions
  • Facilitate planning, forecasting and budgets with 3 budgets for each account each FY
  • Access powerful analysis reporting
  • Up to 12 accounting periods /year
  • Multiple levels of reporting
  • Cash book receipts, payments and bank reconciliation
  • Consolidations up to 6 levels in chart of accounts
  • Great visibility to journal entries
  • Powerful journal options for:
    • Accrual accounting
    • Standing journals
    • Split postings
    • Reversing entries

Debtors Ledger

In accounting terms your customers are referred to as your debtors. This feature offers you better data so you can provide improved, consistent customer service.

The Debtors Ledger provides your receivables and credit management staff with the customer information they will need to efficiently process receivables, maintain open items and determine your credit relationships. All debtor data is available through a single form, allowing the user to quickly find the required details.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s Debtors Module:

  • Credit control, hold & terms limits
  • Flexible open item transactions
  • Multiple sales groups
  • Access unlimited transaction and sales history
  • Recurring invoices
  • Head office / branch debtors
  • Debtor automatic transactions
  • Many delivery and freight forwarder addresses
  • Customer orders, back-orders and jobs visible and accessible from debtors
  • Take advantage of an abundance of groupings of debtors for administration, sales, reporting, searching and marketing activities
  • Use debtor categories for debtor analysis
  • Enter unlimited contacts within debtor companies – individual usernames, roles and passwords for website access
  • Ensure business privacy and security compliance with separate credit control area
  • Jiwa debtors also has BPAY support.

Creditors Ledger

Creditors are the people you send money to including suppliers, loan repayments, services, etc.

The Creditors module integrates with Purchase Orders, Landed Cost, General Ledger, Job Costing and Inventory. It combines efficient invoice and payment processing, access to detailed supplier information, information on supplier delivery schedules and supports electronic funds transfers for creditor payments.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s Creditors Module:

  • Enter and view unlimited transaction and purchasing history
  • Set up groups for easier credit management, payment, reporting and searching
  • Enter unlimited contacts and positions within supplier companies
  • Enjoy comprehensive purchase order control
  • Manage multiple supplier warehouses, each with different attributes such as lead times, costs, etc. Control creditors by branch, by region or nationally
  • Set up weekly, monthly or prompt payment creditors
  • View all transactions and items that relate to each payment in the creditor’s ledger.
  • EFT payments thru ABA file
  • Open item invoices
  • Purchase order control
  • Multiple supplier groups
  • Detailed purchase history
  • Automatic payment controls
  • Foreign currency
  • Email purchase orders
  • Supplier return authorisations

Inventory Management

The Inventory Ledger offers many sophisticated and innovative features that guarantee strong inventory management control. Inventory provides the ability to efficiently store and issue stock as demands change, accurately track stock movement in real-time and replenish stock automatically.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s Inventory Module:

  • Multiple item descriptions – including double byte languages –
  • Categorising of inventory
  • Serial number and batch tracking
  • Integration with the Manufacturing Module
  • Customer part numbers
  • Physical, non-physical items, back-orderable, non-back-orderable and service items
  • Automated stock replenishment/purchase orders
  • Automated back order fulfilment of delivered items
  • Priority queue for the fulfilment of back orders
  • Kitting of products that are built ‘on the fly’ in the warehouse
  • Warranty tracking
  • Alternate, obsolete and superseded items
  • Image and document storage against each inventory item
  • Expiry date on Inventory items at lot level
  • Warehouse Transfer Out/Transfer In to manage in-transit transfers.
  • Return Authorisations from customers returning products
  • Return to Supplier function to ensure you manage credits from supplier

Other Benefits

  • Supplier & customer part numbers
  • Multiple bin locations per item
  • Multiple suppliers per item
  • Consignment stock
  • Pricing matrix for any scenario
  • In-depth price schemes
  • Style / Colour / Size Matrix
  • Serial number & batch tracking
  • Image & document storage
  • Product up-sell option
  • Multiple warehouses
  • First in / First out costing
  • Future sell pricing
  • Long part numbers
  • History retention
  • Non inventory items
  • Expiry dates

Purchase Orders

The Purchasing module streamlines and organises the entire purchasing process. It allows users to place automatic purchase orders against Inventory minimums, taking account of customer sales orders, back-orders and orders currently placed with suppliers. OR you can build your own purchase algorithm. This module also supports emailing of purchase orders and automatic update of supplier deliveries.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s Purchasing Module:

  • You can change Purchase Orders after they are placed with your supplier
  • Purchasing is integrated to Job Costing
  • Caters for multiple Goods received against the one Purchase Order
  • Integrates with Jiwa Landed Cost
  • Fully integrated with Jiwa Financials.
  • Automatic generation of purchase orders
  • Rapid goods receipt into inventory
  • Non-stock orders
  • Goods in transit monitoring
  • Purchase commitment analysis
  • Audit trails
  • Dispatch stock before supplier invoices are received

Contact Management

This is a sales force automation tool embedded into the software to help customers take full advantage of managing customers, sales information, managing prospects and supplier information all in the one convenient location.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s CRM Module:

  • You can group or classify a ‘contact’ company for sales, marketing and administration.
  • Take advantage of integration with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Prepare and run bulk emails, fax-outs or mail-outs.
  • Schedule reminders or add notes in any section, from debtors to returns authorisation. When reminders pop up, see full details or drill down to source document.
  • Follow business rules for emails to internal or external people. (Relevant for staff work flow issues or customer order status changes)
  • Prepare to-do lists for set periods and activities
  • Give sales people control over existing quotes
  • Unlimited contacts and email addresses for each company
  • Electronic creation of customers and suppliers from contact details
  • Easy to access customer information
  • Ability to create targeted sales / marketing campaigns
  • Sales lead / prospect tracking
  • Activity tracking

Sales Order Entries

Sales Order Entry in JIWA Financials is a fully featured sales order processing system, allowing for numerous transformations of sales orders. Delivery of goods and invoicing is controlled by a matrix of shipping and billing options. Sales Order Processing meets the order processing and customer service needs of organisations, by handling the phases of the business flow such as – quotes, credit processing, pricing, order creation, order fulfilment and order shipment.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s Sales Module:

  • Copy quotes easily from existing quotes or to sales orders
  • Link quotes, sales orders and invoices automatically
  • Record and track changes in quotes and sales orders by user – time stamped
  • Create purchase orders directly from sales order line items
  • Control picking of goods, delivery of goods and invoicing methods with flexible sales order matrix of options: work flow efficiencies
  • Create recurring invoices
  • View customer sales history, pricing history and all pricing options at quotation and sales order entry point
  • Add descriptions, text and non-inventory items to quotes, sales orders and invoices
  • Access information faster with user-friendly inventory search.
  • Non inventory item sales
  • Flexible shipping
  • Information pop-ups
  • Credit card payment support
  • Configurable operation for fast and easy order entry
  • Quoting management
  • Manage lost deals
  • Multiple delivery control
  • Automatic and manual backorder fulfillment

Job Costing

Job Costing is a detailed project tracking solution for construction, manufacturing and project oriented industries. This solution allows project managers to track labour, materials, equipment and sub-contractors. Time is reduced by establishing reusable quote templates.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s Job Costing Module:

  • Unlimited jobs, cost centres and stages
  • Alpha numeric job, stage, cost centre codes
  • Flexible setup of cost centres
  • Add resources, labour to jobs
  • Add materials, time sheets, resources, cash transfers, journals, creditor invoices and purchase orders to jobs
  • Create and save job templates
  • Produce finished goods
  • Complete audit trail
  • Document and data storage
  • Automatically order goods required to complete a job
  • Bill a job (part or complete) directly into invoicing

Industry Specific Modules include...

Landed Cost
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Service Manager
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Job Costing
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Field Sales
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Webstore Integrations
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Feature rich software with extensive functionality

Check out our animations to see the clever little features Jiwa has built in, and visit our Vimeo channel to see the software in action.

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The technology...

Jiwa utilises leading edge technology resources to help you run your business as efficiently as possible.

Our Technology Partners


JIWA and Microsoft have developed a strong partnership. The product is designed to store data on Microsoft SQL Server and has the capacity to run / operate on Microsoft Windows 10. The Microsoft SQL Server is seamlessly integrated with JIWA Financials and this provides users with the most powerful data management capabilities.

SAP crystal reports
SAP Crystal Reports

The software leverages the comprehensive technology in SAP’s Crystal Reports. Customers have full access to over 300 standard JIWA reports, including the source code of those reports. Customers are able to edit and create their own custom reports. Your data (because it is stored in the MS SQL Server) may be accessed using standard tools such as: • Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables • Microsoft Power BI


A methodology that enables data to be extracted and inserted into the Jiwa database from applications developed externally. This allows for integration with web stores and other external tools you need to operate your business. The integration capabilities using the REST API are vast. You can read more about it here.

The Cloud Solution

cloud storage

Jiwa 7 leverages platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. Using established and trusted services for cloud storage can give you peace of mind that your data is in safe hands.

The main benefits of a cloud solution include:

  • SCALABILITY - It can grow with your business with quick and simple account changes.
  • SPEED - In most cases, you will have faster access to your information as long as your Internet connectivity is adequate.
  • ACCESSABILITY - Perfect for multi-premise businesses and businesses that sometimes need to operate off-site.
  • DATA SECURITY - Dedicated, monitored and maintained infrastructure can protect your data from targeted attacks and reduce the risk of data loss resulting from hardware failure.

Hardware Specifications

2012 or later

MS Windows Server
2012 or later

Jiwa offers flexibility and functionality - like these cool features

The key to Integrated Systems

Typically, this module is used for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration, Website integration and Field Sales Integrations.

With this module, you can integrate different systems into Jiwa Financials with powerful importing and exporting functionality.

No need for separate coding for each customer’s system as Jiwa integrates robustly and safely via the data structure rather than a connecting software program.

Systems that work Together

At Jiwa, we don’t build websites – we connect to them.

Over the years, we’ve learned that our customers don’t want choices; they want a website that’s set up just the way they work, that offers all the functionality they want, that’s intuitive to use, and suits the look and feel of their brand.

We use independent web development companies to build suitable websites for our customers.

Jiwa uses a REST API that allows web developers to integrate to Jiwa.

A Plugin Environment to Ensure the System Suits you

At Jiwa we know that customers don’t necessarily want choice – they want what they want. The Jiwa Plugin tool was developed in conjunction with latest Microsoft technology.

What this means for you
You can get exactly what you want in your system. Use Jiwa out of the box, or customise your system to exactly what you need to make your workflow more efficient.

Ask us to tailor your system, or get in touch with one of our accredited Jiwa Solution Provider developers. Call us on 1800-00-JIWA or contact us.

  • Jiwa is a real breakthrough. It is a great example of how Australian software houses can produce world-class software based on leading-edge technology.

    • Microsoft Sydney

Technology Partners
Microsoft Certified
Crystal Reports